Work, the Economy, and the Baby

I’ve been busier these past couple of weeks than I have been in a while. I finally got a job, which I am very happy with and will hopefully stay at once the baby comes. It is only 10-20 hours a week and generally on the lower end, so I am not working too much, but between that, exercise, house cleaning, cooking, and all the novels I have been reading I have not had much time for anything else.

One thing I have kept up with is my blog and news reading and am officially tired of hearing about the economy and the election. I just want the election to be over and am not affected too much by the economy crisis anyway. I have appreciated the lower gas prices and now lower food prices. Milk went down this week. I know this means someone else is making less money somewhere, but I cannot help but appreciate the break on the budget. I have realized that now is probably the best time in my life for the economy to turn downward. Being fresh out of college we have no investments to lose and cannot start a retirement fund yet. Our budget is perfect for cheaper everything; it was seriously getting ridiculous with how much things were starting to cost. I guess our lifestyle is not really that affected. Also, since the whole crisis started I got a job and our income actually went up a bit.

In other news, I have been feeling the baby a lot and Mark felt it the other night. The kicks are getting bigger. It is nice to know that the baby is still alive and moving every couple of hours, especially with stories I have heard about stillborn babies. This week the baby is supposed to be the length of a banana and can taste my food in the amniotic fluid, which is cool. We have 20 weeks to go, which means I am halfway there! It is very weird to think about being responsible for a tiny infant, but I am glad and pray I will be a good mother and that our baby will be holy and healthy. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Work, the Economy, and the Baby”

  1. I love how Mark is “Lady Philosophy”. If only you’d come up with that nickname earlier, we would have called him that all the way through Steubenville.


  2. L-

    Don’t you remember /anything/ from honors. Boethius has conversations with Lady Philosophy in the Consolation of Philosophy. This means that I am sharing Mark w/ her.

  3. Oh! Baby feeling! What a fun activity. I felt my niece Anya (sp?) last night. She’s in her mommy’s tummy. Niece Keira can identify where she is, even though she’s only 1. “Where’s Anya?” is answered by a smiling pointing finger. Of course, I feel preborn babies differently than you do.

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