I do still exist…I think

The title of this post is slightly Cartesian. Apparently Descartes is “the fishes,” or so my husband tells me. I am not sure what that means, but he has been reading more about Descartes recently so I am sure it means something.

Today I told my boss that I will be leaving my job before the fall semester starts. Probably by August. It is freeing and sad for me. I think that I have really learned to appreciate and care for the people I work with. Even the elderly lady who comes in once a week and has always annoyed me-I finally found the best way to interact with her and to appreciate her help in the office. One of my coworkers is a sweetie to my daughter and I know I am really going to miss her and she is really going to miss us. Another one is very practical and has good opinions about liturgy and the Church, though I do not see her very often. My boss has been wonderful and so supportive of bringing a baby into the office, and she totally understands why it is time for us to leave the position.

The next issue is what am I going to do with all my time? The main reason for leaving is for the sake of my daughter; she needs more interaction that I cannot always give her while I work. I know she is still really young, but I would like to start focusing on pre-pre-homeschooling and homeschooling research. I also plan on volunteering at my old job once a week, more so that my daughter and the wonderful ladies there will still get to see each other. They are like adoptive aunts for her and even me with my parents out of town. I will need to use my time wisely and I really do hope to dabble in theology again. So, that is about it for now.