On Media and It’s Proper Consumption

I wrote this post about living as a Catholic in the world. In it I discussed different forms of media and how to consume them. If you want to know about my understanding of what is proper to consume and reasons for consuming them you should read that post. I would like to readdress the issue here.

What is media? Wikipedia says that media is “tools used to store and deliver information or data”. Now these tools come in a variety of forms. There is advertising media, broadcast media, digital media, hypermedia, mass media, multimedia, print media, recording media, social media, etc.

Here is the way one should approach these various forms of media.

Advertising Media– This should be avoided at all costs. Never watch commercials, label all facebook ads as offensive, turn off the radio (if you still listen to that), when using a site such as hulu make sure to have another tab open and the volume controls at hand to avoid such things. Also, throw out all flyers and ads that you receive in the mail. Close your eyes when you see a billboard. When surfing the net, do not let yourself get distracted by the advertisements. Never believe a thing you here in this form of media and never let your self be persuaded, unless you really need that cup of coffee on the screen or can’t wait to try that new restaurant. This is the proper way to consume this form of media.

Broadcast Media– Generally this form of media is consumed by watching and listening or just listening depending on the medium you have chosen. As to how much, that is your decision. As to what to consume; only that which is worthy of consumption. One can never be to careful when choosing what to consume in this form of media.

Digital Media-Well, there is just too much to say about what you can consume and how much you can consume of this type of media. I am not even going to touch this. See the other forms to media to get a clear understanding of how to approach this media.

Mass Media-Internet, radio, newspapers, television, etc. This is what makes the world so small these days.

Multimedia-The only way to understand this form of media is to experience a multimedia event. Now I hope you understand what this form of media is and how to approach it.

Print Media– Once upon a time people printed words on paper and turned pages. This form of media is still commonly used. Unfortunately, even though this form of media is combustible, many things that should be set alight still remain intact (and you know what I mean, you see them at the checkout line of your grocery store as well as really bad fiction). Only read that which is worth reading and read often and you will be better for it.

Recording Media– I am not sure I want to get into this either. There is much in this media worth listening, too, but much of it you probably should where ear plugs if you are within a few miles of it.

Social Media– You use this daily, if you are like me. On word: Moderation.

Now by consumption I do not mean ingestion. I hope you are all aware of that. Using your eyes and ears is generally the best way to consume media, and not using them is the best way to avoid it. But just remember that what comes in your eyes and ears, stays in your mind and changes you, forms you, and influences who you are. Don’t let what you consume, or the fact that you currently are consuming turn you into meany-head or a social recluse or simply neglect your duties.

I hope I have enlightened you on media and it’s proper consumption.