French Onion Soup

In high school my best friend and I loved to go to St. Louis Bread Company (Panera Bread outside of St. Louis). She always got french onion soup and I always had the chicken noodle (my favorite soup as a child). My reasons for not trying french onion soup were the onions and the swiss cheese.

However, it is very difficult to not try foods I never liked as a child with my husband who will eat anything and wants me to try everything. So, I never avoid onions anymore and have learned to really enjoy them. Then I ventured had my first reuben sandwich and loved it. It had swiss cheese on it. I ventured to put swiss cheese in my lentil soup and loved it. I still do not prefer swiss alone, but when combined with super salty foods it is delicious!

So, a couple weeks ago at Bread Co. I tried their french onion soup…it was amazing. Then I decided to make my own…and here is what I did:

First, you saute onions in butter with thyme for about 15 minutes until then just start to get golden:

Then you cook them for a ridiculous amount of time on low covered until the onions are a rich brown color. Once they are brown add cognac or sherry and saute on high until the alcohol cooks off. Add stock and salt and pepper to taste; cook 20 more minutes or so.

Shred swiss and put in each bowl. Slice some french bread and add to the bowl.

Put finished soup on cheese and bread and enjoy.

YUM!!!!!!!! We had this with homemade reubens. I have to make this dinner again soon… đŸ™‚

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  1. I don't know how it reheats since we ate it all, but I'm sure it does. It takes a little over an hour and you would probably want a sandwich with it or salad; something else to fill you up. If you want to will find a recipe similar to the one in my cookbook online for you.

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