On Helpful One Year Olds

I think I may have been fooling myself recently into believing that L. was going to be The Helpful Child. Especially at 18 months now when she started gathering shoes and bringing them to the proper owner whenever we were going somewhere, trying to put laundry away, gathering library books when G. ignored my request, etc. Then I started thinking about how G. was always super helpful before L. was born, especially with the dishwasher and groceries and is not very motivated to do anything chore related now that she is three. Cleaning up toys is always a fight, no matter which child it is. And sometimes I catch L. purposely drooling on furniture or the floor and then running to get a kitchen towel to dry her mess. So maybe she is not really trying too help at all, but just exploring how to grow up.

So, is the one year old toddler age truly a helpful age or do I have a chance at having a helpful second daughter who might be happy to change diapers in a few years?

P.S. G. is still helpful in some ways, like throwing diapers away or picking up her food scraps off the floor, but not with the same enthusiasm. 🙂

3 thoughts on “On Helpful One Year Olds”

  1. haha. Lucia deliberately makes messes, too, and then tries to clean it up. Also, everyone keeps telling me that eldest daughters are great helpers with younger siblings — don't spoil my dreams, Susanna! 🙂

  2. Hmm… You should of had two eldest daughters. It increases your odds of having a helpful one. 🙂 Also, why anonymous?

  3. I think it will be Gemma who will deal with the poopy diapers, don't you think?

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