Vacation Times

We are halfway through with our summer travels to visit family and fill in the time between Buffalo and St. Paul. I have been absent from the blog since we spent most of June packing and spending as much time with friends as possible before our move. Our stuff is living with my in-laws until the end of the month when it all moves with us to Minnesota.

We are currently in St. Louis, and I have forgotten how much I love being here. It is a great town and I hope to start visiting twice a year again instead of once like we have been doing the past few years due to births and interviews. L. will have her first Ted Drewes Frozen Custard tonight since she was not eating solids the last time we were in town.

It is going to be weird to have our own space again in a few weeks and have to meal plan and cook. I am getting pretty lazy as a pregnant house guest. Also, I am showing enough to get the double take looks at my growing belly. I wonder how big I am going to get this time if it is so obvious at 22 weeks. Btw, most people are guessing boy. My guess is another loud, active, squirmy child. And as a final thought summer colds are the worst.

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  1. I'm not really betting boy or girl, but I'm totally voting for another girl… mostly because I think Felicity and Felix, right after Lucy and Lucia, would be just fantastic… You can't make this stuff up! 😀

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