Thinking About the “New Baby”

Sometime amongst the past two months of travel, unpacking, and adjusting I hit the third trimester with this pregnancy. If this baby comes as early as L. did we have about 10 weeks until we find out if we have another beautiful daughter or a handsome son. This past week I started feeling the third-trimester exhaustion along with the back pain and then the dread of never getting sleep once the baby comes. So, not exactly happy feelings about having another baby. Additionally, I started thinking about labor, delivery and recovery, which is not the most pleasant set of physical experiences one can have.

I decided it would be a good idea to plan for the tour of the “maternity care” ward of the hospital. I called on Friday, to discover that the quarterly scheduled tours were taking place on Saturday (yesterday). I found some last minute childcare (courtesy of another professor and his family whom we had just had dinner with this past week), and M. and I got the tour yesterday.

We walked into a wing and discovered that there is no nursery for holding babies at all, unless they are needing special care, and that I will labor, deliver, and recover in the same room and that all the baby will need for care after I give birth is right in that room as well. So, the only option is rooming in. I also got to see the room and tub for waterbirths, which my doctor has attended before and I plan on trying. If I have the waterbirth I will have to leave my room, but I am excited for a hospital that says on their webpage: “Our goal is to give you the safest birth and avoid unnecessary interventions.” and “St. Joseph’s has a low cesarean rate: 11.3% compared to a national average of 30.2%.”. I have great hopes for another natural birth this time around.

It is not that my birthing experiences with my first two were horrible, it is just that the hospital viewed it more as a medical procedure, where as it really seems that this hospital and the nurses working there want to make things as natural as possible. The reason I am using a hospital is in case there is a need for medical intervention, plus I found a really great pro-life family doctor for my care in St. Paul and I want to be able to work with her for the birth as well.

I found this article on the hospital’s maternity care and a history of how they got a more natural focus. Evidently though I should fall into one of two categories, at least roughly: “recent immigrants who are used to midwives in their home countries and older, professional women”. Which I don’t, so maybe they should add another category of young mom’s who care to have a natural birth. 🙂

That all being said, I am starting to be more excited about meeting this baby outside the womb. There is something about newborns that you can’t find anywhere else, even if you are sleep deprived.

2 thoughts on “Thinking About the “New Baby””

  1. I am excited as well I can't wait to be a Godmother 🙂 I am sure that you will do wonderful with the delivery process and do so very gracefully

  2. Wow! 11% is incredible in this day and age! I'm so glad you found a place that encourages natural birth. You will do amazing just like last time but yes, I definitely can relate to not necessarily be looking forward to it 🙂

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