How Many People Does it Take to Reupholster Six Chairs?

This week I finally got to a project I have been intending to do since I bought chairs on craigslist to go with the table that our good friends in Buffalo donated to our cause as it was waiting in their basement for someone to take. The chairs did not match the table and had a dirty off-white worn out fabric on it. I am pleased to present the final product:

It is a nice faux black leather over foam and chair batting. I used this tutorial as the guide. I am not going to tell you how to reupholster chairs. I am just going to say that it took a my wonderful sister, my dear husband, a seven month pregnant woman, and a staple gun to get the six chairs reupholstered in four evenings of casual labor (meaning we worked as long as we felt like it and not strenuous work).

Here is the final look with the table:

The woods do not match, but I think the two-toned look works. Maybe when we refinish the table eventually we will do it to match the chairs. For now, many thanks to my husband and sister for their help in this project! Now I can start nesting in terms of baby gear…

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