Two Year Old Sweetie

My middle child turns two today. It is funny that I still think of her as my baby in my head from time to time and slip up and call the baby by her name, but I suppose it is the adjustment of having another little baby girl around.

My sweet little L has been an amazing big sister so far. I think she has taken the adjustment of a new baby better than all of us. I have often described her as having “extreme” emotional responses, and it seems her response to the baby has been a sweet love. She often asks, “Hold baby?” And as I assist her in holding the baby she sits so still and stares at F’s face. She does everything she can to help with the baby, which usually ends up being handing me a dropped blanket, burp cloth, or hat. Whenever F is awake and happy, L delights in her eyes and facial features: “Eyes open! Nose! Ears!” If the baby happens to move in a random way as to touch L, she gets super excited. Whenever F is awake and fussy, L goes to her and pats her belly or rocks the carseat saying, “SHHHHHH!!!” in a comforting way.

Even before the baby was born L was super into playing with baby dolls, but now she is more-so and her baby doll is always named after her baby sister. Of course G decides her baby has the same name and then we all have a baby with the same name.

Other favorite activities include cooking elaborate meals with the toy dishes and anything that fits inside them, following G around, and playing with the Little People doll house. The people in the house, “Go potty! Take bath! Go to sleep! SKYPE!” (Yes, my two year old daughter uses Skype as a verb. But it is perfect because the computer in the house has a person’s face on it and that is all L does on the computer…)

We also have the “do-it self” phase going on, but I now know that two years old is easy breezy compared to three. šŸ˜‰ And soon we will discover what four is like!

One of the best things about having multiple kids is that with the second, third, etc. I have been appreciating more the age the child is at instead of waiting anxiously for the next development.

So, Happy Birthday to my little, sweet L! Maybe you can stay two a bit longer than you stayed one? It all goes by too quickly!