A Tale of Two Lakes

Our view of Lake Michigan for a week.

The first post after two weeks vacation is supposed to be about how wonderful and relaxing vacation was and how we are refreshed and ready for normal life. That is was we talked about the whole way home on Saturday; then we got home and M went to use the downstairs bathroom to discover a small lake in the basement (well it was more like a wetland, but I have to call it a lake since we were staying on Lake Michigan). Our plumber was available to come out and fix the clean water leak from a junction in a pipe and I ran out to rent a rug cleaning machine that also works as an extractor. We got several gallons of water out of the rug late into the night (for parents of three four and under, 11:30pm is late).

Sunday we called the insurance since we saw white and green fuzzy things growing on some of the dry wall. Those are the sorts of things we figure are not safe for us to handle on our own. By Sunday night half of our basement had been or was going to be unfinished and hauled out. Now we are waiting for the water to dry and someone to come and get the repairs going. (I was specifically asked by my husband to not post photos of the basement, so use your imagination.) Not the post-vacation week I had hoped for.

But I am okay with not using the basement as long as we have the backyard. We can go to parks, go strawberry picking, and try out the local pool. I will share some highlights and thoughts about vacation when I have the time to remember the relaxing week… thanks for reading!