Seven Quick Takes-July 19

1. Jen who hosts the Seven Quick Takes link up is going to post everyday next week and is also going to make a link up for those committed to joining her. Maybe I will give it a try. Though I am scheduled for a Truth and Charity post for next Thursday as well. Let’s see if I can pull it off.

2. Another part of the ongoing house saga includes another pipe leaking. This time we were home and got the water off quickly. M and I used our water mitigation skills and 8 bath towels to sop up the water and the dehumidifier is taking care of the rest. The leak appears to be a place where the previous owner drilled a hole in the pipe to connect to the ice machine in the refridgerator that he patched and moved the hole to the first pipe that leaked. M was able to patch this leak on his own with a handy pipe patching kit. 

3. Halfway through the heatwave this week our A/C capacitor and the fan motor died together. We are working on repairs and thankful that tomorrows high is 75°F. Hopefully we can get the house temperature to drop below 80°F.

4. G (4) and L (2.5) and I were talking about people getting old and dying (yes, we talk a lot about death for some reason). G wondered, “If everyone gets old and dies then there won’t be anymore people!” I explained to her about how people get married and have kids before they die so that we don’t run out of people. Then we moved on to talking about getting married. L then interjected, “We I get married we are going to find a moon!” (We drove through the town where M and I honeymooned while on vacation, and the girls don’t quiet get the idea that it is a vacation after a wedding and not a trip to the moon.)

5. M brought home Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child by Anthony Esolen from the “Free Book Box” in the philosophy department. I have been wanting to read this book since it was published three years ago, and never found it at the library. Now I can read it! Hooray! Maybe I will review it here.

6. F (8 months) is getting ready to crawl, but still is mostly satisfied staying where ever she has been plopped as longer as she has something to play with. I am really curious to see where she chooses to go once she has the choice. I am thinking I may be cooking a lot more dinners with a baby underfoot rather than in the other room…

7.  M and I are both still rereading Lord of the Rings. We are both in The Return of the King, and to make reading it less complicated I borrowed a copy of it from the library. I think we are getting a little bit geeky or nerdy or whatever here, but hey, we got to read!

That’s all folks! Have a great weekend!

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