Some Pictures of the New House!

I have heard that the stats of page views on Blogger are maybe not entirely accurate, but my question is why do my Quick Takes which I throw together get more page views than the ones I put more thought into? Such as my post on fighting thistles and the post on fairy tales which are my first two for the week of posting everyday… It seems that you my readers prefers to hear about the house and kids more than my thoughts on life. I just got all the kids finally quiet during afternoon nap/quiet time and I noticed that my house cleaning this morning actually got the house looking clean. So, I snapped a few shots of the living room/dining room area for you curious family/friends/readers. 🙂

This is our living room. Its windows are full West which makes it a most inconvenient sitting room for the evening, in summer, that is until the sun drops below the trees across the street.
The family altar and our new bookshelves. I have been waiting for five years to upgrade from our $25 ones we have to replace every move because they fall to pieces when carried sideways. True story. The blessed salt is stowed in the altar if you need some.
M’s new house splurge: Ikea wing-backed chairs. The best part is that they came assembled except for the legs. He does not care that he windows are full West. He sits in his chair. 🙂 The pillow under the table is hiding an ant trap from the baby. She knows that it lives there, but it hinders her somewhat.
Dining room on the other side of the front room. Same furniture we had before. The table is a little wide for the space, but it is the one we have!
Both of these rooms will be curtained eventually. We just have a few other things we are spending our money on for the house these days, such as insurance claims for a water damaged basement and A/C repairs…

 That’s all for now! See you tomorrow! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Some Pictures of the New House!”

  1. Ah! It looks so….homey. 🙂 I love the living room set up and am coveting the wingbacked chairs.

  2. One theory on the page view disparity: many of your seriously well thought posts also appear on truth and charity. Perhaps people are reading them there instead.

  3. All of your house looks lovely, and you've clearly put some work into it all, but I particularly really love your dining room. Your table looks so well kept, so beautifully shined and unscratched. I'd love to know your secret there- mine very much does not look like that anymore. No cats, maybe- or more civilised children!

    Doyle Hunt @ Real East Van

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