My Dream Garden

Our current garden (framed and fenced by previous house owner) of two pine trees (planted by previous owner), weeds, a basil plant, six tomato plants and a mean old creeping thistle with lots of shoots.

A few years ago I posted about my dream kitchen, and some of the things are realized (or not needed) in our current kitchen. (Hooray!) And not that we have a yard, I have been thinking about the type of food I would love to grow in it. 

Here are some of the things we have in mind for our future garden:

1. A garden along the length of the back fence.

We would probably go all the way to the gate, though not the depth of the original garden. We are thinking of taking out the shed for more garden space.

2. Lots of vegetables: tomatoes, lettuces, spinach, peppers, summer squash, cabbages, and more!

3. Berry bushes: I am thinking raspberry and blueberry. We spent way more than I would have liked on fresh local berries at the farmer’s market yesterday, so why not grow our own.

4. Apple tree and/or peach tree: My parents had a peach tree in their first houses yard. I love peaches, and especially love home-canned peaches. If I have my own tree, then I would have lots and lot to can! M loves apples, so that is why apple would be good. 🙂

5. A grape vine: There seem to be a number of grape vines on peoples fences in the area. I would love this so that I could have grape leaves for making stuffed grape leaves without spending $7 on a jar of 50 leaves.

6. Learning the art of Japanese gardening with the two pine trees:

This photo is by Quinn Dombrowski posted to flickr.

We are thinking of keeping them small and gnarly. M once had a bonsai plant, but died. Maybe we would have better luck with a tree outdoors?

That is it so far. Any recommendations on books or websites that give really good advice/instructions on vegetable and fruit gardening? I am a total novice here, so I want something really informative.

2 thoughts on “My Dream Garden”

  1. Our old house had a garden like #1! Kind of. It went all the way down along the side of the yard, and halfway across the back of the yard. Mom grew veggies in the side part and herbs in the back (and flowers in the front of the house). It was awesome.

    Of course, my least favorite chores as a child were those related to gardening, but ya' know. 🙂

  2. You have a wide area for your garden, Susanna. I could also think of various landscape designs that will surely match its size. Well, if you plan to have a vegetable or fruit garden, it’s best if you know the condition of your area first. There are some crops that don’t just easily sprout in any kind of soil. You might also need the help of professional landscaper/gardener to do it for you, or just to consult with your plans. Good luck!

    Mitchell Knapp @ Scenic Landscaping

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