Poached Eggs on Toast, Why do You Quiver?

For my final post of the seven posts in seven days challenge (follow the link to find more bloggers who did this) I give you my Sunday brunch-lunch: eggs benedict with homemade English muffin bread and hollandaise sauce (using the recipe from Mastering the Art of French Cooking).

The making of the sauce. I whisk too fast for the camera. I was aided by my second giant mug of coffee of the day which can be seen photo bombing this picture.

As a girl I always wanted fast whisking skills and admired my mother’s ability to whisk.

Sunday brunch. đŸ™‚ M and I have mastered the art of poaching eggs for the sake of eggs benedict.


One thought on “Poached Eggs on Toast, Why do You Quiver?”

  1. Hi Susanna,

    It is great to read your blog and keep up with you and Mark. Please let Matt and I know when you plan on being in St. Louis. We would love to drive over with the kids and visit. Please email me at lynnimgrund@yahoo.com

    In Christ,
    Lynn (Matt's wife)

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