Apple-icious! Yes, We Canned!

Last week we were in Buffalo, NY. M had been invited back to his alma mater for some philosophy activities and the whole family tagged along. We stayed with friends who lived across the street from the North Tonawanda Farmer’s Market. I could not resist apples for $8 per half bushel, so we bought 1.5 bushels and hauled them back to Minnesota. Tuesday we made 22 quarts of apple sauce. We were only able to can 19 quarts because we ran out of lids.

 I have decided that Western New York apples are some of my favorite apples. Maybe it is because they were the first apples we canned in our marriage, or maybe they were the perfect consistency for making into sauce. Maybe we will just have to head out to Buffalo every apple season for apples… 😉

In order: canner, blanching apples, pot of sauce, food strainer for separating good stuff from bad, bowl of blanched apples.

The goods.

4 thoughts on “Apple-icious! Yes, We Canned!”

  1. Fun! We just got a bunch of free apples from the nun's orchard at the state park which used to be the convent. I'm not sure what to do with them all yet as our cans are all used up and I don't think I can can one more thing for a while.

  2. Canning is always such a project, but I am so happy we do it especially when we get to open jars! I am really enjoying homemade yoghurt with our homemade yoghurt these days. 🙂

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