This Month in Girls–The Baby is One!

In theory, I should be writing these posts once a month, but so far that has not happened. I thought that F’s birthday would be a good reason to give a look at all three girls.

F, the Birthday Baby: 
My father is visiting and he sung a song to my girls that his mom sang when his little brother was a baby, Beautiful brown eyes, Beautiful brown, I will never again love blue eyes, Beautiful brown eyes. Even though she is the third child with beautiful, long-lashed brown eyes, I am still enamored with them.

-She still insists on getting around by crawling, pulling herself up only when in the most desperate need of attention, especially on my legs while I am cooking dinner. Standing up against her will is a chore.

-She is working on saying words and things that sound like words: “Ma!”, “Da-da.”, “Oooooooh!”, “Ah-yay-yooo-ya!”, and then the high pitched shriek.

-She is happy to play near her sisters and delights in their attention. But mostly prefers to do her own thing near them.

-She is still needing the two naps, but if she misses the morning nap, makes it up in the afternoon. Also, night time sleep has been wonderful with one or two wake ups, and easy to resettle; that is when she has her own room.

-She will look at her “church book” fairly quietly for a 30 minute Mass.

-Her favorite foods are meats, cheese, and clementine oranges.

L, the Acrobat:
-She has a birthday coming up in three weeks. It is hard to believe she is almost three!

-Yesterday, I overheard her say to my father, “You are my favorite!” And then insisted on him sitting next to her at lunch.

-Even after a concussion last month, she can still be found climbing on the back of just about any furniture that she can get on. She can also be found jumping from piece of furniture to piece of furniture.

-She is one of the cutest kids that I know. There is something about her cheeks, eyelashes, and way of expressing herself that makes her pull this off. Even when she is crying her big tears, she is adorable.

-She is thrilled with the snow season’s arrival, but also keeps on asking to go swimming outside?

-At Mass she tries to “ride” the back of the pews like a pony or wants to be cuddled. Her little child’s missal is usually just held.

-If you ask her what her favorite foods are she will say: “Pancakes, macaroni and cheese, lasagna, and peanut butter jelly and a baseball bat!”

G, the Imagination:
-With my mom and dad visiting, she is getting all the attention she could possibly want, but she is forgetting how to be alone in quiet time.

-I did not realize until this week that most of the games she and L play are play acting everything. G will narrate events and act them out and L will follow. The day is one long elaborate story.

-She is very excited when she makes connections between things she has learned in catechism, reading, and other lessons and her lived life. 

-She is on Lesson 20 in her 100 reading lessons and is doing very well. I knew she had it in her!

-She is trying very hard to sit still and follow her missal at Mass. 

-Said that her favorite dinner was cupcakes, but really will eat anything. Further, I am a bit in awe of how carefully and skillfully she is able to use her fork and spoon after many years struggling to figure them out.

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  1. "Ah-yay-yooo-ya!" is amazing. 😀

    Mmm, baseball bats…

    What's amazing to me about the playacting is how much (and alternately, how little) variety there is between the repeated iterations of the same part of a game… going to the zoo, for instance. 😉

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