Cloth Diapering: Five Years and Counting!

I could write a post as a tutorial about cloth diapers, but there are so many great posts about them already. My friend Jacqui has not one, but two posts. And Anna has a nice one also. I could also give you all my reasons that we use cloth diapers, but others have said them well. My friend Mary wrote this one a couple of years ago, and I still remember it!  Further, a friend from college wrote this blog all about cloth diapering a couple of years ago.

We had a cloth diaper baby shower, hosted by my dad’s side of the family. His sister works for Cotton Babies, so she took charge of my wish list and we received everything and more from my family months before G was born. At the time we were living in an apartment with coin laundry, but even with that the cost came out about even and we felt we were doing our part for the environment.

Here is a look at what diapers look like after three kids:

This is our 15lbs and up stash, which has seen more wear and tear than the little baby stash.

A pocket diaper with inserts. This used to be velcro, but I switched it to snaps when L was a baby. We use these overnight when we don’t wimp out and use disposable overnight.
Great all-in-one bumGenius. These were from my aunt, who got them from work for free. It is a good thing we have only had girls… My sister got a matching set, which she has converted to snaps.
These are our covers, which used to have velcro. The velcro wore out, but once again snaps to the rescue! Also, you can see some econobum covers at the bottom of the stack.

Our large, once unbleached, prefolds. These are the best and so durable, though a little frayed now.
Cloth wipes. In my opinion, the number one reason to cloth diaper. They save so much money!

And that is what diapers look like after three kids have used them many times. I think they have a few more rounds left in them. Oh, and the best part about diapering for me is the my husband does the diaper laundry. 😉

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