This Season in Girls: Spring is Here!

The nice Spring days we are having on occasion make me want to move somewhere where the weather is always nice. But we in the North like to think we would not appreciate such beautiful weather as much if we were not confined to the indoors with our small children for six months of the year. Am I right?

Anyway, I realize that I am really bad at doing the monthly update of the kiddos, so I am going to do a Spring one. The girls have been so sweet and my consolation these past few weeks. I am pretty sure I am never going to get over all of their big brown eyes and gorgeous eye lashes. I married M for these eyes, and they just make your heart melt on the face of a little girl.

So, here we go:

G on a walk in the woods two years ago.

G, my big helper and five year old:

You are so inquisitive these days, wondering about everything: “What kind of bird is that that bobs its neck back and forth when it walks?” You correct L whenever she is not precise; maybe our future philosopher? You are also fascinated by anything medical, and were devastated when you did not get your shots a couple of weeks ago. And did not even cry when you finally got them. Maybe a doctor? Or maybe you will “just be” a mom, like you always pretend with your dolls. You have figured out how to match clothes, and dress yourself pretty cutely most days. I also realize how you want to imitate my daily cardigan wearing, which will hopefully stop happening since Summer is coming. You are learning to pump on the new swing set, and have been so patient for your promised “big girl” bicycle. While you forget that mom is tired these days, you are willing to help when you remember. You have been trying to dress F in her pjs, but think that she is “not like a doll because she is so squirmy.” You really dislike being alone (“I want to be with a parent!” “If I go outside without L, I will be lonely!”), but are a good sport most days about taking your quiet time. You are still allergic to bananas as we found out the other night, but seem to be like me in your suffering, cheerful and making jokes half the time. You know how to write all of your letters and numbers, and are getting so good at sounding out words, even though we have taken a hiatus in our reading lessons. You even sounded out verbally C-H-I-P the other day! You are a sweet, wonderful, and capable big girl, and I am so thankful that I have you in my life.

L, my affectionate three year old:

You are the sweetest, cutest middle child there ever was. You were created to be a middle child. You love to play with your big sister, imitating her, laughing with her, imagining with her. You also get frustrated with her, but that is part of being a sister. You are a wonderful big sister as well. Whenever, F, gets her you stop what you are doing, come to her, and give her one of your sweet juicy kisses and say, “Are you okay?” You play so nicely with F, and whenever you two play together, I smile at the continual giggling. You come over to me, give me hugs, and tell me that you are my “comfort.” You impulsively will hug and kiss me and say, “I love you, Mommy!” and did the same thing for your Grandma D when she was visiting last week. At nighttime prayer you always remember to pray for our sick neighbor, Mr. E, and the other night you prayed that we would have another new baby soon. You are not always very good at falling asleep at nap and bedtime, but when you finally do, you sleep like a rock. I can sneak into my room (where you nap) and get things I need. You need time to wake up, sometimes sobbing before you realize that you just want to rest longer. You love to look at books, like both of your sisters, and are working on writing your capital letters. You are still as dramatic as ever; sometimes when you cry I think you must have broken a bone, only to discover that someone took a toy from you. You are so full of emotion, but it is mostly affection, and the affection of a sweet girl is so important in a family.

F, my one and a half year old sponge:

You are absorbing everything these days, and so perceptive. Everyday you are saying new words, learning new things, trying to be so big. I can hardly believe you are halfway between one and two. I am pretty sure you were just born, but here we are one and a half years later. You are on track to be my longest nurser, just a month away from passing your sister. But you night weaned so beautifully and easily, that you are actually sleeping through the night for reals. You are currently really into looking at books, especially your collection of board books (well, the ones we have been collecting for five years). You love pictures and toy ducks, though I am not sure you would know a real one if you saw it, having spent the last six months of your life mostly in doors. (That is actually really sad: for 12 months of your 18 month life it has been Winter.) Now that you can, you are so eager to go outside. You get your socks, shoes, and jacket together and stand by the door saying, “Side! Side! Side!” I cannot always take you out, but when I do, you say, “Slide! Weeeeee! Swing! Weeeee!” and clap your little hands. You really like to clap your hands actually. You clap when people do something for you, or when Mommy or Daddy throw your laundry down the shoot. You clapped for the doctor during your well visit. Every kiss you give is followed by a “Date doo.” (Thank you.) And you know what a dinosaur is; you call them, “Saur!” I am savoring your baby-ness, but enjoying your independence. Don’t grow up too fast!