Recipe: Really Thick Greek Yogurt in a Crockpot

I have been making this yogurt since we lived in Buffalo, NY. I think I started when G was one, so maybe four years now. It saves money and is so much fresher tasting then store bought yogurt! After many different ways of straining and flavoring I have finally perfected my yogurt recipe/process. It is really about timing and waiting.
I start off around 4 pm with 8 cups of whole milk in my 6 quart crockpot slow cooker. I turn it on low and set a timer for two and a half hours. When the timer goes off, I simply turn off (and unplug for good measure) the crockpot, take my starter of a 6 oz plain Fage Greek yogurt out of the refrigerator, and set the timer for three more hours.

At 9:30 pm, I put the starter yogurt in a two cup measure and ladle a few scoops of warm milk in with the yogurt. After I “introduce” those live and active cultures to the milk and pour them all into the crockpot and wrap the whole thing up in two super warm blankets and put it in a cozy warm corner of the kitchen counter.

In the morning (around 7:30-8:30 am), I unwrap the crockpot, lay about 5 paper towels on top of the nice brand new yogurt, and put the whole thing in the refrigerator for the next 24 hours.

The next morning, I remove all the excess liquid that has been soaked into the paper towels and voila: 2 quarts of think, creamy, Greek yogurt.

Thick Greek Yogurt:
8 cups whole milk
6 oz. plain store bought Greek yogurt

-Put milk in Crockpot on low for 2.5 hours. SET A TIMER!
-When 2.5 hours are over turn Crockpot off, take starter out of refrigerator, and set another timer for 3 hours.

-When three hours are over, mix starter and 1 cup of hot milk from Crockpot together and stir it all into Crockpot of milk. Wrap in lots of blankets and keep it away from drafts. Let it sit overnight.
-In morning place about 5 paper towels on top of yogurt covering the whole surface and put in refrigerator.
-In 24 hours, remove paper towels and put yogurt in storage containers.

I like to serve the yogurt with a teaspoon of homemade jam. We also serve it with falafel or fajitas as a substitute for sour cream. 🙂

Notes: Some Facebook commenters have suggested to ways of thickening the yogurt without “straining”.
1) Add two tablespoons of gelatin in with the starter.
2) Adding 1/3 c. dry milk powder at the beginning.

5 thoughts on “Recipe: Really Thick Greek Yogurt in a Crockpot”

  1. I am going to try this today! I've been using a different recipe that requires you to heat milk on the stove top using a thermometer, so you have to stand there and watch it. Ain't nobody got time for that. Also, our kitchen thermometer is on the fritz, so this recipe will be perfect!

  2. This recipe is the best! It's so thick and delicious, and I really like how the suggested timing fits so nicely with the flow of my day (I just do everything an hour earlier). Instead of using paper towels to absorb the whey I put a flat cloth over a large colander and suspend that into a larger pan. I pour the yogurt into the cloth (okay, honestly I use an open, clean white pillowcase), close it over the yogurt and put the lid on. The next morning my yogurt and whey are nicely separated. I am experimenting with making gjetost cheese with the whey. I already made probiotic lemonade with a previous batch. I thought it turned out well (though those with a sweet tooth weren't a fan).

  3. I am glad you like it! I saved my whey this last time and am trying to decide what to do with it. I might just use it instead of soured milk in pancakes.

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