The Food Stuffs Growing in the Garden

I am sure you are all just dying to know what we are growing in our garden and how it is coming along. To relieve you of your desires I took some pictures and will explain.

 Here we have the new garden box. At the very top you see six red cabbage plants going to town making huge leaves, but no head yet. In the middle where it looks like nothing is growing are baby carrot and broccoli seedlings that I just planted two weeks ago. I know it was late, but I had not decided what to plant there yet. Hopefully, they will be ready to harvest by September. There is also three cucumber plants in a tomato cage, because that is how I decided to trellis them. At the bottom of the photo are my various lettuces and spinach. The spinach was mostly eaten by bugs, but the lettuce is thriving. We are going to be eating that a lot this week.

In this photo to the far left you see sugar snap pea plants climbing upward. There is no sign of actual peas, yet. I think I may have planted the seeds too late to get the fruit. In front of the trellises is a tiny blueberry bush, impulse bought by my husband. Then to the right of the bush we have oregano, two basil plants, parsley, and with the stakes are four sweet pepper plants. You can also see our cherry tomato plant.

From left to right in the tomato cages are a grape and yellow pear tomato plant, four roma tomato plants, and at the far right is a blue hubbard squash plant. You might remember my blue hubbard adventure from two autumns ago. That is the garden so far! We are hoping for an abundant harvest starting in August, and hopefully some peas before it gets too hot!