Week Eats Link-Up: Meal Planning

I am going to do a quick link up with Nell and her new meal plan sharing link up, and share our meal plan for the week.

I plan Saturday through Friday, and always shop Saturday mornings.

Saturday: My awesom MIL is making it easy with my husband being away at a conference, and came to help with the girls and is taking us out for dinner tonight. The kids choice is Culver’s. We normally do eating out once a month or so, so this is a big deal.

Sunday: We are going to a Confirmation party for a cousin in Wisconsin… I really have it easy this weekend!

Monday: Chicken Kiev (from Joy of Cooking 75th anniversary edition, using dill instead of parsley), Dill mashed potatoes, and roasted green beans.

Tuesday: Spaghetti Carbonara (mmmm…bacon). I use the Joy of Cooking recipe, but since my brother is visiting, I am going to look into trying some of the tips from America’s Test Kitchen. And some veggie, whatever we are in the mood for.

Wednesday: Garden vegetable soup and french bread. The link it not to my exact recipe, but a similar one.

Thursday: Pot roast in the crock pot, potato “risotto” (when M gets an endowed chair I will start making the beef tenderloin that goes with this recipe), and some veggie.

Friday: Pizza at the All Saints day party at church! Easy peasy!


This is a strange meal planning week because we have three nights not eating at home, but next week there will be more serious planning.

Also, if you have any meal ideas, I know Nell would love some help!

4 thoughts on “Week Eats Link-Up: Meal Planning”

  1. I've never done chicken kiev but it is one I've been wanting to try for some time now. You've inspired me! I don't have the Joy of Cooking so I'll have to look around for a good recipe. Have any ideas?

  2. I love the Joy! But I am also finding that the recipes are limited in instruction at times, so I sometimes compare them with other recipes. However, I am pretty sure I have never made a recipe that as not delicious from it!

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