A Little Bit of Summer on a Winterish Sunday

There is this really great place in St. Paul, the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.  (And it is free, with a really low suggested donation!) We usually go there in the warmer weather for the zoo part, but in the cool months we like to go see the plants.

We have only gone there once each past winter, but decided to go at least once a month after our early Sunday Mass this winter, just to keep ourselves sane during the long, freezing, barren winter.

These flowers smelled wonderful.

It is so refreshing to sit on a bench and just smell plants, to be with plants, to feel the humidity of plant life.

These koi were in one of the gardens.

They have five or so separate green houses with a sunken flower garden, more rainforest type plants, a spice room, a fern room, and one other more Japanese themed. We also ventured over to the rain forest house in the zoo and saw the fish and animals there.

Then we braved the cold, wet day and went around to a few other zoo exhibits before some children could not handle the outing any longer. I think we should probably go back more than once a month just to be with green things.

3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Summer on a Winterish Sunday”

  1. Hello! My husband pointed me this morning To your lovely blog. We have much in common… Down to a masters degree and a full life as a stay home homeschool mom. Even an occasional veil. 🙂
    Our number five, Isabel, is a second year music Ed student at UST! She's a fantastic beginner piano teacher as well… And a lovely big sister to her youngest sisters. I too have a blog at anabragahenebrysjournal.blogspot.com

  2. Ana, Thank you for your comment! Your blog is lovely as well! I am always happy to read about moms and families who are further along than we are. I will definitely add you to my list of blogs to follow! You guessed right about UST. I hope your daughter likes it!

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