At the NCRegister Blog: This Friday, June 3, is a Special day of Prayer for Priests

This past weekend nine men were ordained to the priesthood for my home Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. On the Sunday feast of Corpus Christi my family and I assisted at the first Mass, a Mass of Thanksgiving, of a new priest who had grown up in our parish. It was a beautiful Mass, and the sanctuary was full of men who had received the Sacrament of Holy Orders: deacons, priests, and even two bishops.

As the Mass went on, and I stood in back with my one year old son, I was filled with incredible gratitude for the gift of the priesthood that has been given to the Church. I watched those men in the sanctuary, who have given their whole lives to the Church, to spread the Gospel, to administer the Sacraments, to be another Christ for us, and I prayed for them. It is a good thing that Holy Orders is a sacrament, because the priesthood is a vocation that can only be lived fully with sacramental graces.

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    Priesthood is one call in the world that suffered in recent history so much of beating due to careless leaders and equally insensitive practitioners. In such a context, your write up is so understanding and supporting. There is a line of yours, "I prayed for them". Indeed, let me too pray for all of Catholic Church's all priests everywhere…

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