Seven Quick Takes: Garden Edition

1. Here is F to take us on a tour of the garden this year. First, note the wild flowers abounding in the lawn. We have switched from gangling dandelion stalks to patches of white clover. It is a visual improvement in my opinion. We like to be chemical free in our yard, so we let the wild things grow. We even have a pretty sort of wilderness growing around the primroses that a nice gardener left for free outside of morning mass one day. We do have plans for weeding and mulching in this spot soon, but for now the wild things abound.

 2. In a spurt of weeding about a month ago, I found this Easter Lily growing under my hostas. I planted it in the ground two springs ago and it did not even come up last year, so I presumed that it was dead. I moved it out amongst the daffodil bulbs and have hopes that it will flower one of these years.

 3. My tulips have all dried up and I switched over to annuals along the house. This year we have periwinkles and alyssum.

And L who helped me pick out plants planned her own spot of marigolds and these red flowers whose name I cannot currently recall. We also have a patch of morning glories not photographed.

 4. Onto the food garden. Here are my herbs for the year: mint, parsley, basil, oregano, and a small blueberry bush that is two years old. I think I will transplant the potted basil once our lettuce is finished to have more room to grow. We are all about pesto sauce.

5. The lettuces are ready for harvesting, and we also have some kohlrabi, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and a wide variety of weeds. The only brussel sprouts I have even enjoyed have been garden grown, and the only kind the professor has even enjoyed have been cooked in bacon fat, so we are giving them a try this year.

 Pictured below is the cucumber plant and the carrots. I am working on training it up the trellis, and it will be dominated.

6. Here we have the other garden box. The peas are taking off again, and the girls made a first harvest of tiny pea pods yesterday. I am hoping for some green beans to be climbing upward soon, though some insect is feasting on them ever since they came out of the ground. We put the eight tomato plants in the sunny garden box as well, and have high hopes for delicious tomatoes. I saw a few green ones already!

 7. Finally, here are some little apples on one of our apple trees. According to my research we should remove the young fruits to help the tree get established and to not weigh down the tender young branches. But I think we are going to leave a few just to see what the taste like.

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