Peace Has A Name: BIS Advent 2022

When the books came in the mail, I stuck them up on my desk to look at later. The launch day was a few days away. I would have time to go through them. The days went by—full, fruitful, good days—days packed from beginning to end. And today on this launch day (I am such a procrastinator about promoting things…not my strength…), I began flipping through the women’s and children’s Advent devotionals for 2022.

“Peace Has A Name,” the cover proclaims, and we all know Whose Name.

The words brought back those sweet, calmer weeks last year that I worked on theological edits and tinkering in the chapter introductions with Blessed is She’s managing editor, Nell O’Leary. The truth it that I don’t like to crack my Advent journal open until Advent begins. I like to be surprised and drawn in by the book in the moment. And after looking at them in physical form, both the women’s and the children’s I have found myself longing for the peace they describe.

These books contain the foundation for a prayerful Advent spent in prayer contemplating the peace the Lord brings. There are beautiful Scripture selections, deep questions, and, everyone’s favorite, real stories from our writers—stories of how they found peace in hard moments.

Are you ready to join Blessed is She this Advent, to explore what it means to have inner peace?

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