BIS Advent with the Good Shepherd

The Lord is my shepherd . . .

I shall not want . . .

He restores my soul . . .

When I wrote the narration for this year’s Blessed is She Advent devotional, I did not know how much I would need the Lord as a place of rest in the months following. Meditating on Psalm 23 gave me the practice of bringing my unrest to the Lord, going to Him for restoration, and letting His grace cover my soul as I walked through the dark valleys of loss and suffering this past year.

And now I am eager to go back to this place of rest this coming Advent, to prepare my heart for the coming of the Lord at Christmas. For even in the busyness of external preparations, we can still dwell in the restful place of our souls where the Trinity is present within our baptized souls.

Blessed is She has offerings on for Advent with year with reflections on the Good Shepherd for women, men, and children. Below are my affiliate links. Please join us as we allow the Lord to shepherd us into Christmas:

  • Found: an Advent devotional for women all about Psalm 23 and the Good Shepherd with stories written by Rachel Balducci, Mary Catherine Craige, Katie Prejean McGrady, and Senite Sahlezghi. Beth Davis wrote the questions. Narrations are written by yours truly.
  • Found for Kids, an Advent book for kids all about walking with Jesus their Good Shepherd written by Olivia Spears.
  • Fierce, an Advent book for men written by a friend of Blessed is She, Paul George, will equip men of all ages and vocations to embrace the spiritual fatherhood that they’re called to.