My Baby is Becoming a Toddler by Day…

but is still very much a baby by night.

In the past month:

Toddler By Day
1) She has learned to walk. Over the past 4 days it has transitioned from dashing from one object she can stand next to to another to toddling around the room with her hands outstretched not falling.

2) She likes to dive head first down slides at the park. That was a little scary the first time… :/

3) She responds to basic instructions. For example, she was whining for food and I pointed to a closed container with pretzels in it on the floor and asked her to bring it to me so that I could give her one, and she followed my instructions exactly.

4) She gets her own food. Today she found the same pretzel container in the pantry and brought it to me.

5) She shuns nursing for a sippy cup from time to time.

6) She says words: “Mommy”, “Daddy”, “Ahhhhhh-lll Daaaaahhhhhhh” with waving arms (“all done” for you non moms out there), “Amen” (this morning at Mass), and tries to say other things like “pope” (I use this as a distraction when she is on the changing table since there is a papal blessing on our wall right above it).

7) Oh yeah, I forgot, she tries and sometimes succeeds in climbing EVERYTHING! Nothing is safe, not chairs, toy push carts, me, her sister, stairs, step stools. I expect that she will get herself out of her crib one day. Though I have not seen her attempt that yet…

Baby By Night

1) As soon as we come into our room at night, no matter what time it is or how recently she nursed she wakes up and fusses until I nurse her again. And then if I am lucky she only wakes every three hours. But at least she sleeps until almost 7am on days we don’t go to 8am Mass?
2) My dear husband pointed out that she no longer needs to nurse to sleep in my arms at night or at nap. So I can’t complain as much, because I can nurse her a little bit and put her back in her crib awake. So that’s a plus.

3) I know I have to savor these nighttime nursing moments because soon she won’t be a baby anymore and I know I will miss that.

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