The Sounds of Grading

It’s that time of year again when my dear doctor is flooded with grading. Nearly a hundred finals and papers a piece to grade; papers which he so generously already graded in the first draft form. The hope is that the multiple graded drafts will help the undergraduates improve their writing skills.

This morning Dr. M. was grading the first set of finals. I took the girls on our weekly attempt to satisfy all my cravings grocery trip. After I hauled all of the children and groceries into our second story apartment and began to put them away, he started calling out “WRONG!” whenever he came to a wrong answer. Immediately L., our 17 month old, imitated him with “WONG!”

So as I put the groceries away and made the family lunch, the sounds of grading filled the air. No matter if she was adjacent to her father or back in her bedroom playing, whenever she heard the “WRONG!” she immediately echoed “WONG!”

(I know I have been neglecting the cuteness of our developing toddler; this post is an attempt to compensate.)

One thought on “The Sounds of Grading”

  1. I wonder if someday helping grade papers will be an activity to get an allowance? Ok maybe you are not allowed to do this but this is a fun idea and then the time L practiced yelling wong with Dr. M will be beneficial for her development

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