Friday Quick Takes-Aug 31

1. L’s favorite book these days is Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. If you have read children’s books at any point in the last 50 years, you have read this one. Though her method of “participating” in the book is to search aggressively for the “young mouse” on each page. As M or I read her the book, she shouts “MOUSE!” and points all over the page. When I put her to bed at nap or nighttime if I don’t say “Goodnight Bears and Goodnight Chairs” to her bears and then “Goodnight Mouse” she throws a fit. Yesterday she started pointing to the words in the book and saying “Letters.” I am certain that the mouse-hunt and letter recognition are signs of genius.

2. I encouraged G to look at her Bible during quiet time yesterday showing her all the pictures of the stories about Jesus which she is familiar with. I told her after her quiet time we could talk about the stories. The one she zeroed in on was the story of the beheading of St. John the Baptist. Maybe it is because we talked about how it had been the Gospel at Mass on Wednesday so she had heard the story there. But she asked for it in particular for her naptime story today. The priest at Mass on the Feast of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist spoke about how he died because he defended marriage. It seems that he would be a great saint to pray to for the preservation of traditional marriage in our society.

3. If you want a recommendation on a Bible for children and don’t mind a blue eyed, blonde Jesus, the Golden Children’s Bible is a really good one for being true to Biblical texts and not oversimplifying the content. G who is three seems to understand the stories in it as long as I explain some of the details to her, and she really enjoys the illustrations.

4. I know I said this on Facebook already, but we went to the Minnesota State Fair this week which was just about what one would expect from a state fair. There were farm animals, greasy foods, and rides! Though my favorite part was the draft root beer. Apparently I am making up for not being allowed to drink by drinking excessive (for me) amounts of root beer whenever I get the chance. Also, G stopped her princess play after the fair and decided to pretend she was a pig who won first prize at the fair. 🙂

5. I come to accept that going places with children takes time and it no longer bothers me. Maybe it is pregnancy fatigue, but maybe it is me finally getting used to being a mother.

6. Saw this linked the other day and it looks pretty cool. Toddler leggings made from knee high socks. Now I just need to find some cool looking socks for cheaper than the on-sale, clearanced leggings I usually purchase for G.

7. Earlier this week M and I were talking about why a sitz bath is called a “sitz” bath. M joked that it comes from German and means sitting in the bath. It turns out he was right. From

1840–50;  half adoption, half translation of German Sitzbad,  equivalent to sitz ( en ) to sit1  + Bad bath1

That’s all folks!

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  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the toddler leggings! Officially hoarding all my old knee socks now… I might make a donation to your family, if the opportunity ever arises… 🙂

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