Quicktakes, Saturday Oct. 13 Naptime Edition

1. Today we went to IKEA for the first time:
2. It was a pretty interesting place. We got some drawers for baby clothes that fit perfectly under the changing table, which will soon have shelves stocked with two sizes of cloth diapers and drawers full of tiny newborn size clothes.
3. They also have some pretty sweet bunk beds. We are planning on one for the girls once they are older. What is a safe age for a kid on the top bunk? This one is about 5 feet off the ground and has a railing. It seems fairly safe. The lower bunk is not that much higher than a toddler bed. I would be cool with it for L’s first non-crib if I thought G would be okay on top. We shall see…
4. The St. Louis Cardinals are at it again. Bernie Miklasz is still my favorite St. Louis sports writer. 
5. We are pondering the possibility of a Tigers vs. Cardinals World Series in this house. I am not sure if I could handle it this year. Probably I would go into labor during game 7 and not get to do any of my Bradley relaxing during contractions because I would be caught up in wanting to follow the game. And then my husband from MI and I would be on opposing sides.
6. G has already decided that she wants the Tigers to beat the Cardinals if this happens. I asked her, “If the Cardinals and the Tigers play against each other, who would you want to win?” Immediatley M intervened, “If the Tigers, GRRRRRR!!! and the Cardinals play each other, who would you want to win.” Her response was “TIGERS!!! GRRRRR!!!!” Then they went on to discuss how tigers can eat cardinals. I admit, tigers are cooler animals than cardinals from the perspective of a three year old.
7. Well, the kids are up from nap. Time to cook dinner…

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