Seven Quicktakes Friday-Nov. 30

1. Tomorrow we will no longer have a heathen baby dripping in her original sin. Hooray! Because of this event we are having many family members coming to town and I am throwing our first “real” Baptism party where I planned it in advance. The past two babies I was taken by surprise that we are supposed to have a cake and food for people afterwards. It does not help that G was baptised on the octave of her birth and I was still in shock of what it is like to have a newborn and be post-partum.

2. Three weeks is again my point of feeling like a normal person after having a baby. And by normal person, I suppose I have put myself in the category of normal for a nursing mother of a baby.

3. St. Paul is starting to feel like “home.” You know that feeling you get when a place is familiar and comforting as you drive through it knowing where you are going? Moving is such a long transition. I expect that we will really know if it feels like home when we come back from our Christmas travels.


4. M is complaining about my quicktakes being too short these days; these will be again. I wrote the first three on Friday and am finishing them Sunday, but backdating them to Friday because I discovered how to schedule posts this week.

5. I labeled all my posts this week and then added the gadget of a label cloud. My blog is all grown up now. Maybe some of the posts I wrote years ago before I shared it with people publicly might actually be read. 🙂 And you really should check out why Beatrix Potter is awesome if you haven’t yet. My children’s book reviews are my favorite…

6. I am about to do this workout video. And I know you are saying, workout video at 3 weeks post-partum? I am just going to say it is the best thing one can do for a post-partum body. It stretches everything and helps one’s core get back into being normal. Plus you do the whole thing laying on the floor…

7. We have ordered all of the Christmas gifts now and I just have to finish making the ones the girls are making for everyone… (I know, they did some fun artwork for them and I am laboring to make their artwork a gift…)

2 thoughts on “Seven Quicktakes Friday-Nov. 30”

  1. As a physical therapist and a gymnastics coach myself, Helene Byrne has some of the best post natal exercises out there.(the workout Susanna has listed above.) She really knows the anatomy and changes that a woman's body goes through during pregnancy and after delivery
    Here are the exercises on Helene Byrne's website

    I strongly encourage all mothers to do her exercises before and after pregnancy. She really knows her stuff. I recommend her to all my patients who are new mothers and use her technique of the neutral spine to control back pain for all my patients.
    Sarah Hasser, MPT

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