Seven Quick Takes Friday, APRIL 19

Some snowy pictures from up here in Siberia Minnesota. The snow varied from 6-12 inches throughout the yard.

1. Snow lands in such a funny way on various things. I loved these snow spikes on the porch slats.

2. Contemplating the 5755395839859385938th snow of the “season”. L said that it was Spring now, and when I asked if this is what Spring looks like G informed me, “This is what the start of Spring is like.” My girls are true Buffalo gals.

3. A tree.

4. The snow next to the neighbor’s house got as high as the second level… wait is that a giant standing in the right side of the frame?

5. Here is L planting snow in the garden. I guess this is how Spring rolls here.

6. Tulips from California, shipped to Trader Joes in St. Paul, standing up in inches of snow. What does it mean?

7. My toddler sized snowman. The snow was not very cooperative for packing, but I did get to build my first snowman this year!

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