I Finished Two Jesse Tree Ornaments!

Advent has been somewhat different than I expected so far this year, and I am trying to see it as good in the long run. It has been quiet and low key, since the first three days, we had kids with fevers. The day they were healthy we went out in the snow and a fever returned. We all seemed okay until Saturday, when we were doing some shopping, that I started feeling absolutely awful. I suppose it is better to be sick now than next weekend when we actually have plans with people, but it is still frustrating for me to spend all of Sunday (from midnight on) as a victim to the stomach bug. I have discovered that I can keep down lemon-lime soda, but nothing else. Hydration is the most important thing for me as a nursing mom, so I am not going to even touch food again until tomorrow. I am trying to let go of my disappointment and be okay with a few more days of low key, but also embrace it and focus on preparing my heart for Christmas.

Because of the illnesses, I have a a little bit more time on my hands for things like finishing my long awaiting Jesse Tree Ornaments. This is my first one, which I started three years ago when L was a newborn:

This next one I just started in October, and it was on track to be completed quickly when All Saints day costumes trumped it. I finished it yesterday:

We use our first Christmas tree as a Jesse Tree. It is a 20 inch table top tree that we got for our little apartment in Buffalo. It is perfect for the Jesse Tree ornaments. I am excited that one day we might actually have only cute little cross-stitch pillows instead of paper circles.

I found this tutorial on pillow ornaments, deciding against putting them in a frame. This just seemed more lasting.  To make the patterns I used the pictures I already had and scanned them and put them into the pattern maker on this website. I them altered them to my colors and wishes.

Lastly, I am sharing our Advent wreath. Inspired by my friend J’s wreath, I went out and bought a charger to place under the wreath. Until this year I had been using a pizza pan covered in foil. This is much more pleasing to the eye. 

I made this wreath our first year of marriage.
The frame I found at Hobby Lobby.

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