Seven Quick Takes: Winter Songs Edition

As the billionth blizzard of the Winter passed through the Midwest overnight and I am sure the whole East is thinking they would love another storm. I think that maybe some Winter songs to cheer everyone up would be helpful. We pulled out our favorite snowy songs from our Christmas albums during Monday’s blizzard, and are still enjoying them today.  Maybe even ones that remind us of December cheer. So, sit back and enjoy a few Winter songs.
1. Favorite Things sung by Andy Williams. My parents have this on record. We always listened to it on the vintage record player that belonged to my great grandmother.
2. Let it Snow sung by Captain Picard. I just found this today, but seriously it is amazing (I do not endorse or not endorse the advertisement afterwards):
3. Winter Wonderland sung by Dean Martin:
4. Winter Winds by Mumford and Sons. You know a romantic one to celebrate the octave day of St. Valentine’s Day. They really should be running through fields of snow:
5. Jingle Bell Rock sung by Billy Idol; “Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun!” I was thinking jingle bells, but blowing snow is the thing today:
6. Winter by Vivaldi. I like the sense of doom the beginning gives.:
7. And our family favorite, Marshmallow World. We have just Bing, but you can’t go wrong with Ella Fitzgerald:

And as always, I am linking up with the lovely host of the Seven Quick Takes, Jen at Conversion Diary.