Lent “Wreath”

I am big on liturgical year centerpieces, and as next week starts Lent, I want to share again my Lent “Wreath.” I got the idea from the Advent Wreath.

I started with this wooden cross, which you can purchase for only 3.49 plus shipping. Then found the base at the craft store. I use six tea candles for the six Sundays of Lent. They are easily replaceable, so if they get used up, no problem. I suppose to be really awesome, I could use purple and rose colors, but I like the bare feel of the white. The rocks are symbolic of fasting and Lent, and will probably add to my penance this Lent as I fight the 16 month old’s desire to consume them.

I model the use of the “wreath” off the Tenebrae service. I posted last year our prayers for the First Sunday. We have six lit on Ash Wednesday until the First Sunday of Lent. On Sunday before brunch, we lit six candles and then during the prayers extinguished one. Then all of the first week of Lent, we have only five lit. On the Second Sunday, we lit five, prayed the prayers and extinguished a candle. By the time we got to Holy Week, there were no candles lit. I will be posting the prayers for each Sunday this year, for anyone who is interested in joining us.

On Easter we switched to our Easter Candle:

This is from 2012, clearly.

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