He is Risen!

Christ’s Appearance to Mary Magdalene By Alexander Ivanov (1806 – 1858) (Russian)

Happy Easter!

We made it to two out of three for the Triduum this year. G was the last of the children to have the cold, and her fever still lingered on Thursday. Friday we all went to the Mass of the Presanctified (meaning the host was presanctified) and then we went to the Easter Vigil on Saturday night. It started at 8pm, which some would say was too early, but any later and we probably could not have managed. As it was, we did okay. The kids are still feeling it from the late bedtime last night, and again yesterday as we got home late from our Easter gathering with family.

We had a lovely time at M’s uncle and aunt’s farm yesterday, and the weather was beautiful and warm. It was a happy Easter. I hope yours was as well, and hope you will enjoy Easter week. đŸ™‚